AAU participates in online EU hackathon to combat Corona virus

AAU participates in online EU hackathon to combat Corona virus

Aalborg University participates as a partner when the European Commission this weekend holds a big online hackathon. The measure will help find innovative solutions to many of the societal challenges posed by the corona virus.

Text: Thomas Christensen, AAU Innovation, translated by Mona Bjørn, AAU Innovation. Photo: https://euvsvirus.org/

The Corona pandemic has had major negative health and economic consequences for not only Denmark but the whole world.  

This weekend, innovators, researchers, investors and citizens from all over Europe will gather for an online hackathon organized by the European Commission. The event is called #EUvsVirus and focuses on developing innovative solutions to corona-related challenges. 


AAU shows how to cooperate on global challenges 

Aalborg University (AAU) participates as a partner in the large-scale event. AAU is already an active player in the fight against corona, and #EUvsVirus is a good opportunity to contribute to fighting the consequences of the virus at European level. AAU is a well suited partner as the event takes a cross disciplinary approach to finding solutions which is part of the AAU DNA. Anne Drivsholm Sand, EU consultant at AAU Innovation, states:

- The European Commission wants us to contribute, tell and show other actors how to work together across disciplines to solve global challenges in society in a way that creates value for citizens.


Problem based learning (PBL) ensures progress in problem solving 

Over the weekend, approx. 14,000 players jointly brainstorm and generate ideas for how to tackle the many societal challenges that the coronavirus brings.

There are a total of 37 challenges that participants can work on, divided into six categories; "Health & Life", "Social & Political Cohesion", "Remote Working & Education", "Business Continuity", "Digital Finance" and "Other Topics". 

AAU is represented in the hackathon against corona by Jacob Lundberg, who is a business developer at SEA at AAU Innovation. Jacob Lundberg’s role is to mentor 5-10 teams, which will primarily work on developing solutions that will help companies survive the crisis. A task he is very much looking forward to. 

- It will be exciting to experience how teams from all over Europe choose their approach to the challenges and to see the solutions they come up with. My role will be to guide them through the weekend and in doing so I will introduce them to the methods of problem-based learning. I am sure that PBL can contribute to progression in their work, Jacob Lundberg explains. 

In addition to the role of mentor, Jacob Lundberg is available as a domain expert for all participants at the hackathon working with mobile applications as a central part of their solution. 



#EUvsVirus takes place today, April 24th, at 5 p.m. and runs throughout the weekend until April 26th at 8 p.m.  

Signup is possible right up until the event begins.

AAU encourages anyone interested to participate and actively contribute to this unique event. There are several ways to participate – it is up to you. 

Sign up now.

Read this weekend's program.